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@lantis Learning Community Products

Key Features of Connected Learning Communities

Enhanced Networking

Learning Communities use “Enhanced Networking  to share “Learning Nuggets” within and between Learning Communities.

Enhanced Privacy And Trust

Use A-Keys, & Tokens to buil
d Blockchains to ensure 
privacy and build trust as Learning Nuggets move between Learning Communities.

Lifelong Learning Dashboard

Use a Lifelong “Personalized Dashboard” to help you filter and focus your learning to meet your learning needs as your life and needs change.

Easiest to Use Digital Library

Enhanced Databases, context sensitive search engines, and miro-learning storage, make the ALMS Database the easiest Cloud Library to use.

Foundational @lantis Product Development Efforts


Enhanced Networking designed to pass “Learning Nuggets” between Learning Communities.


Adding Blockchains to each Learning Nugget provides a way to build trust and improve learning valuations.


A unique Library where Learning Community Members can add or retrieve actionable information that will help them thrive in the 21st Century.


The User Interface to the Learning Community.  A way users will add teaching and reteive learning from the Learning Community.

The Goal: ADD NEW CONTENT to the Library and VERIFY EXISTING CONTENT already in the Library.

Those that add the most “Verified” content have the highest Rankings.