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Atlantis Learning Network Architecture 

The goal of the @lantis Learning Network (@lantis) is to make the most actionable learning available to you.

@lantis is designed to find the “Learning Sweet Spot” for every learner every time.

@lantis uses Metadata to fine-tune education similar to the way Ham Radio Operators fine tune their antennas.


@lantis uses Metadata to fine-tune education similar to the way Ham Radio Operators fine tune their antennas.

@lantis Architecture Requirements

@lantis is focused on delivering the best learning.

The requirements to do that are:

“Drop Dead Easy” to use

Learning in the “old days” was fairly straightforward. If you wished to learn something you either got a book, went to a school, or learned it from someone else.

Learning today has become much more complex because there are so many more places to find learning.

@lantis must make Learning  “Drop Dead Easy.”

Mobile Friendly

Not all learning happens in front of a web browser.

@lantis must work with mobile as well as desktop apps.

Distribution of Learning Across Multiple Domains

@lantis requires Learning to be accessible across different applications.


Everyone’s learning requirements are different.

@lantis must be able to optimize learning for each individual learner.

Learning Initiated from Anywhere

@lantis allows learning to originate from anywhere, the web, a classroom, or other network members.

Incorporate Simulations and serious games

Simulations and serious games have been used in learning for some time, @lantis allows for them to be fully integrated into an individual’s learning.

Separate Knowledge Acquisition from Knowledge Assessment

Grade inflation is the result of teachers grading students higher because they did the teaching.

@lantis solves this problem by having testing done independently of the learning.

Collaboration and team-based learning

@lantis promotes Collaborative learning by allowing learning to be easily shared between network members.


@lantis ensures that learning is verified and content protected and security maintained by using 21st Century authentication and vetting tools.

Add Meta-data

Everyone values a specific lesson differently based on their unique situation. @lantis uses “Meta-Data” to help the learner value the learning in their own way.

Offer Non-Sequential Learning

@lantis allows Learners to find their own way to achieve their learning they need.