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Over the course of a workday, I’ll not infrequently have some sort of mini-epiphany about what would help me work better.  These could range from the utterly mundane (I should save my contacts’ Skype IDs as well as their e-mail addresses and phone numbers) to the potentially career-altering (I need to be more vocal in staff meetings).  The thought will come, stand up to some probing, receive a mental nod of approval, and then–vanish utterly, without a trace.

The problem is that there’s no way of storing these little flashes of insight gleaned from the day’s daily experiences.  I could capture them all in a list, either digital or paper-based, but a list of random reminders I’d look at once in a rare while wouldn’t be terribly helpful.

That’s why I like the idea of:

  • context-aware
  • personalized
  • Goal focused
  • Rule Based
  • Transparent
  • Pro-active

But in truth, the core of the idea is this: learning is deeply personal, and it happens over the course of an ordinary day.  Many of us would be better off with a system for capturing and applying that hard-won wisdom.