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The Internet is to our Age as the Printing Press was to the Reformation and Age of Enlightnment

The problem for anyone that locks their world view into the 1st century bible is we live in a 21st century digital age. It is very hard to copy the Torah, it is less hard to copy the Bible, and infinitely easy to copy 21st century digital bits. The fact that we can...

Noise is the Fundamental Obstacle to Learning

Let me go on record and acknowledge that I truly understand that while getting good enough information for learning is fairly easy, getting the “BEST” information for learning is not so easy. The reason is "Noise." There are a number of environmental and biological...

Words to Avoid

There are certain words we hear in conversation that can instantly set us off. They're the kind of words that our brains hear as attacks and thus prompt us to react defensively (and sometimes even aggressively). In a recent study, we discovered a whole slew of...

The 8 Key Elements of Highly Effective Speech

The 8 Key Elements of Highly Effective Speech…and why your words barely matter! Published on July 10, 2012 by Mark Waldman and Andrew Newberg, M.D. in Words Can Change Your Brain   I’d like you to take a moment to experience the following sentence, taken from a recent...

Education for Life might be possible if it is Subscription based, say 2 Wharton Profs. I agree. And I add to that idea.

I agree with two Wharton Professors; education should be Subscription based.  That is the best way to stimulate "Education for Life." And I would add that the various levels of subscription should depend on the amount of effort on the part of the Faculty and...

Story about “Unemployment” Numbers is Opportunity to Find “Actionable” Information

Here is an email I got this morning: Wednesday's ADP number suggested a sub-200K reading for today's May BLS jobs report. That would be a significant disappointment after April's robust 288K. But ADP is far from a flawless indicator. So estimates for today's number...

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