How to Discover Skills Strengths

How can you discover your individual strengths, build your skills, and find the right employment match for your skills.

To start discovering and promoting your’ strengths and skills, just follow this simple six-step process;

  1. Identify Skills to Manage:
  2. Add or delete skills to the administrative panel.
  3. Assign Skills to Jobs and Courses: Connect the skills you want to develop with the appropriate courses in your training center and to the job roles to which they align.
  4. Build a skill assessment program that reflect the assigned skill sets.  And Connect those assessments to the Exams and test.
  5. Weigh Skills Values: Weight the importance of each skill to each job.
  6. Rate your performance based on their exam scores.  Weigh Automated and Manual Assessments:
  7. Compare your performance to industry best practices.