Learning Management System Features



4 Learning Management System Features Every Learning Management System Should Have 


What EVERY Learning Management System Should Feature 

Learning Management System features vary widely from platform to platform. Here are a few aspects that (in my opinion) every online learning system should have:

  1. SCORM certification.
    Do you want your company’s training materials to be hosted correctly? If so, you need a Learning Management System that has the tools and code in place to properly deploy your resources. The best way to ensure this is to find a Learning Management System that is SCORM certified. Now, many systems are SCORM compliant, but not certified. The SCORM seal of approval is a non-negotiable for any quality Learning Management System.
  2. Language localization.
    How big is your company? If it is mid-sized or large, it’s probable that not all of your employees speak the same language. Language localization allows an eLearning platform to be customized to the nth degree, giving your employees access to the Learning Management System in the language they best understand. Can you just imagine the ease of communication this would enable, not to mention the team building it would facilitate? Even if your company is small, prepare for its growth by implementing only a Learning Management System that has this handy feature.
  3. Flat-rate pricing.
    Above all other Learning Management System features, pricing is usually the most important to consumers. After all, successful companies usually strictly adhere to a set budget. Wise business owners and company leaders who want a lowered bottom line should triple check that an online learning system does not charge any per-user fees. Whether you have a few employees or a few thousand, a Learning Management System should only cost you one reasonable, flat rate. Do yourself a big favor and pass on any eLearning platform that does not offer flat-rate pricing.
  4. Client services.
    Most administrators would love to manage a Learning Management System without the help of an IT team. An online learning system that features client services makes this a reality. It works in a customer’s favor if his or her software provider offers client support that is free. That way, when an issue or question arises, client support personnel can be called on to do what they do best: Solve LMS-related problems. Beware of any online learning platform that does not promise ongoing client support, or client support that costs additional fees.


Other Features

  • mobile learning
  • social learning
  • eCommerce – WooCommerce, PayPal, Stripe
  • reporting
  • marketing and research tools
  • email marketing
  • create an affiliate program to help spread the word about your classes
  • utilize the Tin Can (experience) API
  • Badges
  • student-teacher communication
  • create quizzes
  • track student numbers.
  • gamification
  • different member levels
  • Multi Media
  • Course process tracking
  • course creation process
  • certifications
  • LMS Moodle