Flash Drills for Better Learning

Flash Drills for Better Learning

Flash Drills offer game-Like Learning for Mastery and Tracking of skills.

Flash Drills expands learning by helping the learner better retain knowledge and achieve short- and long-term sales skills mastery through the game-like use of flashcards and spaced-repetition learning.

Flash Drills further empower learners to take learning into their own hands, making learning a fun and community wide initiative that can take place whenever and wherever the learner needs it most. Additionally, the analytics provided in these new features give the learner confidence that they achieved the level of mastery they set out to achieve.

With Flash Drills, the learner can sharpen their skills with just a few minutes of daily flashcards and quizzes.

With the ALC LMS there are detailed reports that supply the learner with insights into knowledge gaps, enabling prescriptive actions that ensure optimal learning.

Specific capabilities of ALC LMS Flash Drills include:

  • Custom processes and tools allow the Community to author flashcards in bulk, including importing from Excel® spreadsheets, or allowing a wide range of users to contribute.
  • <li “> Push notification or email alerts remind learners to practice using flashcards in intelligently spaced intervals. Additionally, intelligence capabilities enable the learner to identify improvement areas and drill on problem areas, as well as occasionally remind them of facts they know.

  • Automated video game-like accolades engage users and encourage participation, while progress read-outs keep learners apprised of progress and mastery.
  • Reporting features to monitor Flash Drills performance and participation by topic, team, and individual using heat maps. Reports can track various groups and time periods to allow for
    comparisons over time and across learners.

The ALC LMS is designed to allow the Community and/or Learners to:

  • Build and share flash drills in a predictable sequence, like a playlist.
  • Embed flash drills, recording exercises, inline comments and tips to personalize lesson plans for the learner.
  • Track the learners progress through the auto-advancing course, and provide accolades to encourage participation.

About the Atlantis Learning Community

The ALC provides an “Cloud” based learning platform that improves our ability to solve our problems and better face our challenges by harnessing the power of the Cloud to transform education and networking through personalized and prioritized learning plans.

With the ALC’s Learning Management System (LMS) you and your communities/organizations/companies can better filter and focus on actionable information. Using the ALC LMS you can get the information you need when you need it without the time and expense typically associated with traditional education systems.

Using the ALC LMS learners can easily access relevant, quality content, anytime, anywhere, allowing them to capture their best ideas, master their skills and accelerate their performance.