Learning Communities Information Structure

Learning Communities Information Structure.

Basic Learning Community Information Packet

Three Broad Types of Information:

  • Local Private Information – Information intended to never leave a specific Learning Community (LC).
  • Simi-Private Information – Information that leaves a specific LC but is intended to be used only by other LC users. (However, once it leaves a specific LC there is can be no expectation of privacy because once
  • Public Information – Information intended to leave the Learning Community and be “Public”

Page Structure – Two Parents

  • Administration Information – Used to make each @tlantistm Learning Community Operational. All information in this section is unique to each learning Community. It is
    • Learning Community Architecture – A description of how Learning Communities work.
  • Knowledge Database – A digital version of a Library. Contains all Data, Facts, and Conclusions.  Shared with all other Learning Communities using “@lantis Standard Communication Structure.”
    • Webliography
      • Links to other Learning Communities
      • Other Interesting links
    • Skills Assessments

Five Actions of a Learning Community:

  1. Information Gathering
  2. Information Storage and Retrieval
  3. Information Communication
  4. Information Analysis
  5. Information Action Items